15 April 2015

Mandala Bag - Flip Side

Hello! Oh my, I hope you've had the same amazing weather as in London today! It felt truly summery!

This week, as it's Granny Square Challenge day again, I would like to give you an update on the Square Jewelled Mandala bag. I have started crocheting the flip side in coloured stripes, roughly following the colour sequence of the Mandala itself.

Let's have a look:

As you can see, it's plain and fool-proof, just a series of UK htrs. But I think it should counterbalance the mandala side nicely, as the latter is quite busy. Let me know what you think :)

Don't forget to go admire more granny squares on Jijihook's website and see you very soon! :)


  1. Love it so far! The colors are gorgeous and I can see the mandala in the bag :-) Love it!
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  2. so beautiful but we want to see more!!

  3. très beau un jolie bordure ce sera superbe a bientôt

  4. j'adore et j'adhère :) super choix